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Anti-acne masque with green clay in cream base

A series of masks made of cream-based green clay.

Unique combination of natural clays and botanical complex:

  • green clay-rich in macro-and micronutrients, has antibacterial and nourishing properties, provides the skin with a wealth of elements. Has excellent soothing, absorbing and disinfecting properties. Effectively reduces sebum production and shrinks pores.
  • botanical complex Polyplant Anti-Seborrhoea ®-consists of burdock, juniper, gentian yellow, lemon and thyme. Has antiseptic  properties. Regulates sebum, moisturizes, cleanses the skin inflammation.
  • allantoin - regenerates, accelerates recovery and facilitates the healing of damaged skin. Has strong soothing, moisturizing and soothing properties. Smooths and softens skin.

Clay 100 % natural. PRODUCT Odorless
Anti-acne masque formula is based on the combination of 100 % natural green clay with a complex botanical.


  • Use as needed.
  • Anti-acne masque is recommended for oily and mixed skin, prone to breakouts.

10 g

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