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Anti-wrinkle masque with green clay and dispenser in a cream base

A series of masks made of cream-based green, pink or white clay. For multiple applications.

Unique combination of natural clays and organic extract:

  • green clay-rich in macro-and micronutrients, has antibacterial, nourishing properties,  providing the skin with a wealth of elements. Remineralises, smooths, reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones.
  • distillate of organic cornflower - it is obtained by steam distillation of the way the plants grown in organic plantations, certified by Ecocert. Rich source of flavonoids, mineral salts, organic acids and vitamin C. Has astringent, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • the complex of vitamins A, E and H-stops, and regulates the water in the skin, moisturizes, smoothes and firms the skin.

100 % natural CLAY. PRODUCT Odorless

Facials anti-wrinkle masque formula is based on a combination of 100 % natural green clay with organic extracts derived from organic farming process certified by ECOCERT.


By using the new technology package-sachet dispenser and cap, the product lasts for three uses.


  • Use as needed.
  • Anti-wrinkle masque is recommended for skin after 30 years of age, prone to wrinkles and sagging.

20 g

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