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Face masks, creams and serums


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Professional treatment Laser Lift based on the format intensively lifting and  making the skin on face  look younger. Ideal for mature skin, devoid of firmness .
Advanced active ingredients, cause lifting effect immediately after the treatment. Modern technology of treatment uses the rejuvenating effects of red light.

Stage 1. Enzymatic scrub
Gently removes dead epidermal cells and cleans the skin, preparing it for further stage of treatment. Contains fruit acids AHA and D-panthenol, which smoothes wrinkles and regenerates the skin on the face.

5 g

Stage2. Activator
DNA Gel TM helps to increase skin elasticity and causing the improvement in the oval of the face. Ingredients under the influence of UV light stimulates skin cells to self-healing, stimulating the renewal of the skin and smoothing wrinkles. The face is assuming youthful brilliance.

2 ml

Stage3. Lifting Mask 
A peptide of a new generation contains Matrixyl ® 3000, which revitalize the face, toning it up and preventing the signs of aging. Permalan TM and RonaCare ® VTA, perfectly tens the skin, restoring the right density and the it’s elasticity. The hyaluronic acid provides deep moistening and smoothing.

2,5 ml

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