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Face masks, creams and serums


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MOISTURIZING mask compressed

An innovative way to rapid and effective improvement in the condition of the facial skin

Masks are composed of fibrous flakes in the shape of a face, which expands after being absorbed of serum. If it puts on the face, form impermeable compress.

In this way, the temperature of skin rises, blood circulates faster and active substances are absorbed more effectively. Therefore, the skin regenerates quickly and recovers vitality.

Of the four types, each woman chooses the ideal solution to your needs.

Mask in the tablet + Serum

Serum contains concentrated active ingredients that affect moisturizing and soothing on the facial skin:
Humectants complex, Aloe vera gel, Chamomile extract, Allantoin

The skin is properly hydrated, softened and revitalized.

Original and simple way to prepare the mask!

Your home spa

7 ml

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