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Nutritional-purifying masque with green clay

A series of masks made of cream-based green clay.

Unique combination of natural clays and organic extract:

  • green clay-rich in macro-and micronutrients. Has antibacterial and nourishing properties, providing the skin with a wealth of elements. Pores of dirt and excess sebum and removes dead skin cells, making skin smooth, firm and healthy looking.
  • the organic extract of hibiscus - comes from organic farming process certified by Ecocert. Inhibits the degradation of elastin, thus the skin retain an appropriate level of protein and flexibility. Strengthens the walls of blood vessel. It has soothing and softening properties.
  • pro-vitamin B5 - prevents excessive keratosis of the epidermis, provides optimum hydration, soothes and relieves irritation.

Clay 100 % natural. PRODUCT Odorless

Nutritional-purifying masque formula is based on a combination of 100 % natural green clay with organic extracts derived from organic farming process certified ECOCERT.


  • Use as needed.
  • Nutritional-purifying masque is recommended for tired skin with reduced flexibility, requiring a thorough cleaning.

10 g

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