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Face masks, creams and serums


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PROFESSIONAL Microdermabrasion softly exfoliating

The complex treatment, which cleanses, smoothes and moisturizes your face. Perfect for dry and normal skin.

Step 1. Diamond scrub 5 g
Contains natural abrasives : micro-crystals of diamond and aluminum oxide  (corundum), which effectively exfoliate and remove dead cells of skin. Scrub cleanses and smoothes the surface of the skin, improving blood circulation and tone .

Step 2. Soothing Serum 2 ml
The complex of humectants and RonaCare ® VTA in the composed of serum, soothe redness and sensitive skin, to stabilize the level of hydration and provide the correct voltage and elasticity. Serum is immediately absorbed, and prepares the skin to accept the ingredients contained in the mask.

Step 3. Smoothing Mask  2,5 ml
Coenzyme Q10, which is contained in the mask accelerates the regeneration of the skin, improving elasticity. The skin regains its natural color. Ceramide regenerate epidermal lipid layer, seal it and prevent water loss.


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