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White Clay Nutrutional Mask - Dry and Sensitive Skin

A series of masks made of clays, which give immediate results in improved skin appearance, often exceeding the performance of creams and other cosmetics. Dermatological tests show that the clay does not cause allergy, it does not irritate and dry out the skin.

3 TYPES masks on the market:

  • Green Clay
  • White Clay
  • PinkClay

Face mask based on white clay. Extremely delicate, suitable for sensitive, tired, redness, dry and normal skin. Rich in trace elements, minerals and aluminum, which have perfectly tightness the skin, heals and scares it up. Soothes, relieves irritation and revitalizes the skin. Perfectly nourishes deprived skin from firmness and tension.


  • Should be applied once a week or less, depending on your needs.
  • 100 % natural clay
  • Odorless

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