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Cleansing and reconstructive treatment for hair and scalp

The treatment makes your hair regenerated, strengthened and thoroughly cleaned of excess sebum and the rest of cosmetics.

The ingredients in therapy:
- Avocado oil-contains a large amount of nutrients that strengthen structure of hair, preventing them from breakage. Intensively nourishes and regenerates them.
- Monoi oil - nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp. It strengthens hair and restores their natural shine.
- Keratrix ® - nourishes hair after treatments hairdressers, protecting them from harmful external factors. Increases resistance to rupture.
- Cocktail of citrus- extracts of lime and lemon cleanse and refresh hair. Moisturize them, making full splendor. Effectively soothe the scalp.

DUO sachet  = Shampoo + Mask
10 ml + 13 ml

Through regular use of a series of cosmetic cleansing DETOX HAIR LINE hair gain lost shine, have a healthy look, better take the active ingredients contained in conditioner.

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