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Cleansing and refreshing treatment for the hair and scalp

The treatment makes your hair refreshed, thoroughly cleaned of excess sebum and the rest of cosmetics, as well as gain a deep shine.

The ingredients in therapy:
- Herbal Cocktail - help to remove impurities from the hair, giving them shine, softness and improves combing.
- Derivative of Menthol- gives a pleasant feeling of coolness and provides long-lasting refreshment.
- Salicylic acid- lowering excessive production of sebum, gently cleansing the hair and scalp of impurities.
- Pro-vitamin b5- penetrates deep into the hair moisturize, giving shine and smoothness. Prevents split ends and soothes the skin of the head.

DUO sachet  = Peeling mousse + Shampoo
13 ml + 10 ml

Through regular use of a series of cosmetic cleansing DETOX HAIR LINE hair gain lost shine, have a healthy look, better take the active ingredients contained in conditioner.

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