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Product 2

Regenerating hair spray with vinegar

The prevailing trend  returning  to nature, inspired Marion Cosmetics Laboratory to create a new hair care line based on the raspberry vinegar and fruit extracts. Properties of vinegar have been known for centuries, but only a new biotechnology can take full advantage of its beneficial effects. The new line Nature therapy is a unique combination of nature and modern technology for naturally healthy hair, which does not contain parabens, SLES and SLS. It was created for all types of hair, especially those which need strengthening in order to restore the gloss, strength and flexibility.

Regenerating hair spray with vinegar.The polluted air, stress can cause loss of color and tarnish your hair, that’s  why Nature therapy was created to restore your hair shine, strength and flexibility. Spray with a fresh odour of raspberries, regenerates the hair from the inside and smoothes.


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