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Rejuvenating Lotion

Innovative line of intense anti- aging hair effect.

The growing trend of the use of anti-aging cosmetics for skin care, inspired the Marion Laboratory to create an anti-aging cosmetic for hair. Hair ANTI-AGE is a line of conditioners designed for mature, weakened and destroyed hair.  The innovative formula based on a combination of unusual properties oils- flower monoi and olive regenerates, moisturize and rebuilds hair and revolutionary ingredient -Baicapil ™ activates dormant hair follicle stem cells, protecting them against aging at the same time.


Rejuvenating Lotion complements the essential nutrients that  hair loses  with age. Extremely light formula of product without weighing the hair down , NO RISING contains.: Baicapil ™, monoi- oil, olive oil, green tea extract, soft emollient and LUSTREPLEX ™. Thanks to the rich active ingredients the Lotion smooths the hair, prevents damage, strengthens it, gives a healthy shine, regenerates, moisturizes and facilitates combing and styling.


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