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Product 2

Spray straightening hair

The Laboratory of Marion Kosmetyki, using the unique function of keratin, has created a new range of hair styling products, corresponding to the specific needs of weak, damaged, dry and fluffy hair.

Professionally designed formula od KERATIN MIX products is a combination of ingredients that facilitate styling and hair-care. KERATIN MIX formula contains a unique combination of keratin, Keratrix ™ and creatine, which shows a remarkable regenerating-protective effect : complements  natural ingredients that build hair structure, improves the condition and shine of damaged hair, increases strength, flexibility and resistance to break and protects hair against harmful external factors, heat and damage caused by chemical treatments.

Spray straightening hair- designed to straighten hair using  straightener or hair and brush. Smoothes and prevents fluffiness of hair. Well spread on the hair, without weighting down and sticking hair together.



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